Heart in the clouds

Let the clouds be swept away

So we can have this day

A chance to change

How we feel about the past

Mistakes change

The sights were set to see out

When the sun comes

We will see out those dreams

You and me, the love I tucked away

A chance to change the way we feel about the past

Can invite us to make a future

Taking the change we can see

The sights we’ve set to see out


  1. jdoublep says:

    Talk to me about the line, “Mistakes change”? Is it declarative or the opening to the line that follows or perhaps both, hence the line breaking where it does?


    1. Absolutely it is both. It’s declaring that mistakes change us… but also in a way connotes the next line, that these mistakes change the sights in life that you are ‘set’ to see out. Mistakes may be seen as bad but they also prompt change and decisions in this new perspective gained thereby what you are set to ‘see out’ next in our grand journey.. that is life. A carved path. It’s meant to be a bit ambiguous, no matter how much distaste I have for ambiguity… lol nonetheless up to the eye of the beholder 😊

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      1. jdoublep says:

        Ah, fuck it. A poem should have a bit of mystery otherwise it ain’t so fun to step into.


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