Social Media… A Rant

“Sometimes there is so much more to life, and many generations after mine.. will never receive those gifts. A wise person once said, “Look up…” before the world passes you by.” – H.M.L. Murphy

When I think about all the time I’ve spent on other people who didn’t give a rat’s ass why I was doing it, it makes me realize how little my time meant to these self-deprecating, leeches that are just happy that you choose them. People were made to give what they can and to celebrate who they are without defining themselves by a tiny piece of what this earth should mean to them. Things. Big things small things, nice things, fancy things, things that make you look good, things that make you feel good.

Well, to tell you the truth these things are building people up in a way that is insufficient for life on this planet we call earth. We have begun to feed into the egotistical part of “keeping up” with whatever it is in the media that we find to be ‘important’ or ‘relevant’ this is keeping the world blind, there still has been no change in the problems that we face, and the thing is that the stories just continue to get worse and more embarrassing for humanity. So… wake up, and just do it.

FOCUS on something other than your phone screen, because it will change your perspective about yourself and your media addiction, that get away that you have always wanted to plan, don’t waste it staring at another screen that has occupied you long enough for it to be a part of your relationship, a part of your team, that is… referred to as a personal relationship. I’m sure you would get the words out that you have needed to say for the past few weeks, if you could hold the attention of your significant other long enough to have these important conversations… rather than allowing them to build up into a ball of emotional wreck. 

If you post on social media how you are feeling… it is typically because you are not spending enough time on the things you love or the people who matter to you most. You are venting to an endless realm of “look at me”, I feel sorry for you. If you are out there trying to inspire, create or promote self-awareness, good for you, hopefully you are actually practicing the preach of your Facebook timeline. 


  1. jdoublep says:

    Gurrrrrllll, preach. This is for reals. I’d rather just write my dumb ass poems then get stuck in a feed spiral.

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    1. Goodness me! Right! Totally consumed people are…

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  2. bloglifenstuff40b7eba1f1 says:

    I gave it up. It’s just not for. I’m socially awkward enough. The blog is even too much.


    1. Totally, but… I like both. I’m so social… it’s like I can’t get enough… ever, then I like crash from being pulled in too many directions… like those rainbow parachutes from grade school haha! Then, I just hide in there 😎 until I’m ready to show my face again haha

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      1. bloglifenstuff40b7eba1f1 says:

        I just crash… And begin to wonder if deleting my blog is a good idea 🤷‍♂️

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