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The Snow Fails to make me Cold

Snow falls Tundra calls Biome fully engolfs Shades fade, lightness made Trust in my steps Conscious, and adept Rebuke what’s left Make new, with each end. Calm, and peace Skate cleaned, icy bends Warmth inside, electric Cold pierces resistant thought As I draw within It’s time to begin. Emergence of eccentric Lime green, these sowedContinue reading “The Snow Fails to make me Cold”

Delete it or talk it out?

Delete it or talk it out? Run from your life and don’t respond? Or have trust to your partner and in each other to respond in a respectful tone? Relationships are tough, but our own personal views on situations like these are simple. Do differing views make us incompatible? Or just rigid and unable toContinue reading “Delete it or talk it out?”

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