Honey bee – your heartbeat, the flower of life.

It is beautiful, you’re full of wonder.

It’s as if you know me, and I miss you.

And I’m sorry if my Journey interrupted yours too soon, you asked me for more of me… and I gave it to you.

I’m sorry if you weren’t ready.

I was then, but you weren’t… you returned to me and I was blinded by another.

I am free now, and I miss the moments of us, and I see all that you have created.

You are beautiful on your own, and maybe just maybe.. soon, I will be ready once again.

I feel myself healing. My heart was ripped apart, and you mended it with every melody, every word, you meant it.

You could never let me down, I saw it in your eyes and felt it in your heartbeat.

I feel mine reaching for you everyday as I rebuild, a longing I’ve never known.. Is this the agony you’ve held onto?

I can’t help but mention how you are as strong as the honeybee’s connection to life, unending, required, if it could be, I would radiate the love you and me have always deserved.

Coming from eternity, remembering the world as if it were once ours, and could become ours once again.

Your world and mine, they collide.