Explicit Royal Court

Life me up onto the bridge with you

Drop in on me,

slowly making my heart beat

faster and faster

until our synergy’s matched

The quarter begins

and we’re not holding back

Telling you don’t give me any slack

pull me in closer harder more passion

I want all of you without submission

bring that heart boy

no class is in session and you and i

we’ll be teaching the lessons

so sit up lay down pay attention.

I like a man who can take direction

and when it’s your turn

I know you’ll love each and every

possession the physical

has a way with instinctual context,

and can you feel that percussion setting in?

Case set closed

this royal court is in session

I’m ready, what’s your decision?

This place, this life, your place & your light.

We all have our own issues and you really cannot put blame on people for acting in the way they need to, and don’t feel bad because really, in the grand scheme of things…

Their life is about them and your experience is not something they can control. You must take effort at face value, but not on your own terms, because life in all its essence is of our own and not one person knows the depth of a person, their hardships and connections that cause them pain, or happiness or joy.

That is the intrinsic way that our world works and allows us to decide. I know God has a path and the universe pushed you to or away from what is and is not meant for any person, however it is in their faith and hope that there is love, and meaning in the way it unfolds.

What’s meant for you will come, it just may not arrive in the way you had initially insisted, prayed or hoped.. but it will truly happen when hearts align, in whatever capacity that is needed. Be happy when you can, know your attitude places your experience of what is happening.

And where the mind goes will surly tell you what it wants, but it will not tell you the way, this is something you must know and believe in the magic of this place. Conscious, present, right now, and here, what a miracle life can be, be thankful for each day, each opportunity. Live well by you, not by others words telling you their truths, because remember… you have your own.

“Do I dare stand in a place I’ve already stood. Is this a place where my soul is understood?What change will create the place I’ve only dreamed of?

I am here to make up for lost time, to understand where my heart went all of those years. And how just a dimly lit lantern can bring it all back, someone who saw somebody just once, and a million times over in memory. And Now… I am the one who can’t let them go, their music has healed me beyond any doctor.

It is amazing the things your brain can remember, only when you let it believe in magic. For a long time… seven years and somehow this universe brought me to WordPress…. and somehow, just somehow you were the first blog I clicked on. && if you need me no longer, this time you will have mine to come back to.

A tribute to someone whom I left alone for a long time… my dear I was only beginning my lost journey. One that only Robin Williams could have brought be home from.

The magic was gone for a long time, and this time… YOU helped me bring it back.

A thousand times thank you, & a million times sorry. “And she’s saying I’m here now… I’m here now.”