“Do I dare stand in a place I’ve already stood. Is this a place where my soul is understood?What change will create the place I’ve only dreamed of?

I am here to make up for lost time, to understand where my heart went all of those years. And how just a dimly lit lantern can bring it all back, someone who saw somebody just once, and a million times over in memory. And Now… I am the one who can’t let them go, their music has healed me beyond any doctor.

It is amazing the things your brain can remember, only when you let it believe in magic. For a long time… seven years and somehow this universe brought me to WordPress…. and somehow, just somehow you were the first blog I clicked on. && if you need me no longer, this time you will have mine to come back to.

A tribute to someone whom I left alone for a long time… my dear I was only beginning my lost journey. One that only Robin Williams could have brought be home from.

The magic was gone for a long time, and this time… YOU helped me bring it back.

A thousand times thank you, & a million times sorry. “And she’s saying I’m here now… I’m here now.”


  1. jdoublep says:

    Well, talk about nostalgia, regret, and gazing backwards. Hope you’ve found what you needed. By the by, the name of your blog (Lighthouse for Someone) is perfecto. I completely feel that is what a art is. Lighthouses for people. Helping them avoid, helping them come home, helping them find another like themselves…

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    1. Somehow I missed this comment… from Ages ago. Hoping that I will find my way to my home person very soon.

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      1. jdoublep says:

        Enjoy the ride in the meantime, H!

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      2. You as well 😎 However fickle, as if I’m blasting off into the sunset, or losing my ability to fly lol 😂


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