Delete it or talk it out?

Delete it or talk it out? Run from your life and don’t respond? Or have trust to your partner and in each other to respond in a respectful tone?

Relationships are tough, but our own personal views on situations like these are simple. Do differing views make us incompatible? Or just rigid and unable to grow up? Do you trust yourself to do the right thing? Have the right words to say?

Well fuck I don’t know but hearing that these differing viewpoints, caused a six year relationship to come to an end is a clear indication that whomever deleted it and never talked it out has something they aren’t willing to overcome, because it is evident that both parties came to this predicament before.

Pretty heartbreaking that responding, or “entertaining” others and not deleting anything looks “worse” on a persons character than hiding altogether. It’s pretty sad knowing and seeing something that was deleted and forced concealed come to light in the worst way. The irony is, that is what made me come to the conclusion it was over in the first place.

That he chose the wrong words, the wrong woman and “your man’s a cheater boo” is all I got out of it all. Yet it was never in the inbox, no opportunity to talk it out, no chance to give ME a fighting chance. So.. I’ll go, thanks for giving me a reason because my stubborn heart just wouldn’t let you go, until now. And now I’m free to hurt on my own.


  1. So sorry. I can relate to the heart break. May your heart mend and heal soon. May your heart be filled with joy, love and peace. We all deserve that, and nothing less. Take care.

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    1. This totally made me cry… you had me at mend a heal soon, what a generous thing to say to a stranger. Ya know, that shit feels good, I say things like this often. But not the other way around and I never really realized just how emotional I was making people until
      this moment. So thank you, I hope all of these things for myself as well. ♥️ And for you,
      You kind soul.

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      1. To cry, to grieve, to be sad, even angry, they are part of our healing. We could be heart broken for years where love from love or Family and still be able to function in a world never ready see us for who we are and what are going through. My heartbreak is siblings and parents and that is something I can’t just delete and eventually I face to them. That is something I’m still working on love versus anger and fear have not decided which one will give in first. Strangers can be the kindest , I learned that in blogging. What I write in my blog, I can’t just say in my circle of friends and even family. Sometimes I do, and 1 out of 10 will relate and connect genuinely. Take care of your heart. We only got one and are important and valuable.

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  2. bloglifenstuff40b7eba1f1 says:

    I delete way too much. But then again, there’s few people who want to talk things out.

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    1. This is bare fact my friend. A shallow world we live in. Your site link is not working btw.

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      1. bloglifenstuff40b7eba1f1 says:

        Sorry! 🤦‍♂️I deleted my blog but then decided to try again. So it brings up the deleted site…

        Try that please.

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